A little about you

I only work with discerning white gentlemen that take pride in their appearance. I am happy to provide services to young (over 25 years of age) and more mature people to a maximum age of 50.


I am fastidious with my personal hygiene and would ask the same please. There are fresh cotton towels and toiletries available in the apartment and I always offer these and ask my clients to shower prior to starting our journey.

If you are new and unknown to me, please call me and take time to introduce yourself. Unknown numbers will be ignored. If you call or text me and you have not heard from me in 45 minutes, please call or text me again as I am likely to be performing another massage.  

Please be punctual for the appointment and set off in good time.


Please do not ask me to offer a discounted rate, the prices are fixed and if you wish to pay more, I will certainly not complain!


I retain the right to refuse any customer upon meeting.

Your health and welfare is important to me, please inform me of any known allergies, physical injuries or significant health concerns on arrival.