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Coping with PE

In the lifetime of the average male, there is a 30% chance of experiencing premature ejaculation (PE). For sufferers, it has a massive impact on their self-esteem and their confidence and PE can significantly affect existing relationships or prevent new ones.

In its most basic sense, PE is ejaculation that occurs too soon for the man or woman to enjoy love-making. Ejaculation can happen 30 seconds to 4 minutes into sex and the timing to classify it as PE varies between cultures. The average for normal ejaculation is 7 minutes.

There are two types of PE, one is a lifelong condition and the other is acquired PE. Lifelong PE is harder to treat as it often has deep psychological causes. Acquired PE often happens later in life and is frequently associated with a trigger which could be a period of psychological distress or relationship issues.

Like most conditions, medicines are available that can prolong ejaculation and these include creams to numb the sensitivity of the glans of the penis and also other newer oral medicines like Priligy that can delay orgasm.

My focus however in the management of PE is different. Not every man wishes to go to the doctor and discuss PE with a view of getting a medicine.

There are techniques that can improve performance. These include the “start-stop technique”, the “squeeze technique” which we can discuss and practice. In reality these work but do have their drawbacks as they can affect love-making with loss of erection or breaks in intimacy

Whatever we try, I am positive from helping others that we can make a difference together. To cure PE fully is never a quick fix, but improvement in the delay in orgasm can improve quickly after a few sessions

Using massage, learning and practising new techniques, removing the stress from the body and simply talking things through with someone that cares, you can make big strides to overcoming PE.

I am not a medic and never profess to be but I care deeply and want everyone to get the most out of their lives.

PE is debilitating and I get real pleasure in supporting sufferers and improving their condition.

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