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Women are Definitely from Venus!

Have you ever wondered why as a man that one day you can hit all the right buttons with your partner and you feel like a god in the bedroom and the next time you try the same approach, it ends in disaster?

Have you ever wondered why one day you can play like Tiger Woods on the golf course and next time not break 100?

We often hear practice makes perfect and Jack Nicklous once said, “the more I practice, the luckier I become” This is true to a point and with lovemaking, a skilful experienced man can go a long way in pleasing his partner.

But there is more to a great sex life than just being well practised. There is more to satisfying your other half than being very confident and staying power between the sheets.

Great lovers come in all shapes and sizes. Great lovers understand that women are complex beasts. Let’s face it, women are ruled by our hormones, we are ruled by a monthly cycle that affects our physical and mental state. One minute our breasts and nipples are tender, the next they love a strong touch. One day our clitoris loves the feeling of a strong pelvic grind, the next it’s untouchable and too sensitive.

One thing I do know however is the best lovers I have ever experienced and connected with have a valuable asset and that is they are well connected to their own senses. These lovers know the importance of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Some days, I just fancy some raw passion, a quickie and others, it is all about the slow build up, soft lighting, mood music, tenderness and a light progressive touch.

If your lover recognises and knows the importance of connecting with and using the power of the senses. If your lover already recognises there is more than just the physical, there is a better chance he will hit the sweet spot more often.

Sensual massage is an amazing way to explore this. Sight, sound, taste, touch, smell all play a part in my massage techniques. It is a great way to unwind and re-energise. Also, more importantly, it is a great environment to learn more about yourself, to feel and experience the power of the senses. Ultimately, sensual massage can be your pathway to being a better lover and to demystifying some of the complexities of women!

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