Signature Full Body Massage

Ahead of our meeting together I will ask you for your preferences. This will include the scent of the room and the oils that we use together. Having showered, I will start seated behind you to massage your shoulders and neck to relieve stress.

Using the highest quality oils, lying face down on the massage table to start and surrounded by mood lighting, sound and scent, I will use traditional techniques to perform a full body massage. My range of touch, pressure and focus will vary from individual to individual and will produce feelings of intense stress relief and deep relaxation as a prelude to the sensual and erotic experience.

Using tantra techniques and oil, the focus of my attention will be a whole body experience.  Slowly caressing you with touch to awaken your senses.

I will bring you to the peak of release several times using massage and each time relax off just a little to make the final peak electric, memorable and a full body experience. Many of my clients comment that they have never endured such intense feelings before and believe me, it is well worth the wait.

To close our time together, I will gently massage your hair and head as you lie there in seventh heaven.

For repeat customers, I will always vary the massage techniques and explore new ways to make your massages truly personal and memorable. Often my customers choose facial or hot stone massage in addition to signature sensual massage and I am happy to accept these requests. I use the latest men's grooming products from ESPA to ensure this is a luxury, relaxing experience. In addition to the above services, for repeat customers only, I can also offer body 2 body massage and tie & tease.

 Massage Training

Let’s face it, we all enjoy giving and receiving pleasure. 

We all can be better lovers and understanding what women want is part of that.


Women are complex creatures but in just a few sessions, we can work to improve your own performance in love making and also provide you with techniques to deliver a better overall experience for your partner.

I have taught many clients in the art of delivering an amazing massage experience for their partners.

Practice makes perfect and I can be your perfect partner to perfect your skills and provide a lasting difference to your love life. With practicing techniques on each other, I guarantee we will have fun learning together.